“Longboards are Hella Dope” Says Student’s Adult Cousin

CHICAGO, IL- Good news today coming from the Northern suburbs as adult man, Jeremy Lannet, assures his younger cousin that longboards are in fact “hella dope.” The statement comes as reassuring to those who, until now, had assumed that longboards were four wheeled douche-canoes of the past. Fortunately these worries can finally be put to bed if this grown man is to be believed.

Lannet, who has been inseparable from his Santa Cruz longboard ever since he was 13 years old, has always been known to identify what’s dope and what’s a nope. He self identifies as a man who, “lives fresh.”

“Odds are if the suns up you can find me scarfing down some fish tacos on the boardwalk. I’m a creature of the surf and the sand.” Lannet continued, “If it weren’t for my fucking fear of open water you know I’d be barreled twenty four seven.”

Although he is unable to stomach the sea, Lannet seems right at home carving up gnarly lines on the sidewalks near his studio apartment. If there is anyone to trust with the future of the sport, it’s Jeremy.

“Straight up, as long as men yearn for freedom, longboards will be under their feet.”