White Sox Starting Pitcher James Shields Discovers Key to Pitching

Former San Diego Padres starting pitcher, James Shields, has had a rough start in the windy city after being traded to the Chicago White Sox. After allowing 25 runs in his first 13 innings with the White Sox, Shields finally realized what his problem was; where to aim.

“Oh, that’s the strike zone?” said Shields in a press conference on Wednesday. “I could have sworn it was way bigger than that.”

White Sox manager Robin Ventura assured fans that Shields will receive proper training and practice before his next start.

“He has the potential to be a great starting pitcher,” said Ventura. “Unfortunately, no one told this kid where the strike zone was.”

“How am I supposed to throw this little ball in that little square? It’s impossible,” said Shields.

In his first 13 innings with the White Sox, Shields managed to strike out eight batters by sheer luck.

With an ERA of 15.80, Shields will need to be trained and educated by the White Sox pitching staff before stepping on the mound again. While the team is unsure of how long it will take to educate Shields on the basics of pitching, they hope he will get the hang of it soon as the White Sox are currently 7.5 games out of first place.