Seven Stupid Kids Who have No Clue about The Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Middle East is currently in the throes of an extraordinarily unstable time and many of its citizens are being forced to leave their homeland in search of safety elsewhere. Syrians in particular have been emigrating en mass, forcing nation states around the globe to create safe and timely resettlement programs to accommodate them. With governments working around the clock, the refugee crisis is on the lips of the world, and yet somehow this handful of kids don’t know jackshit about the issue.





Jayden– Look at this dumb idiot. He thinks the most important thing in the world is Skylanders and he doesn’t eat the crust on any sandwich you give him. What a stupid little bitch. Jayden has no clue about the 13.5 Million people in need of humanitarian assistance. What a joke you are Jayden.



hi-kids-kids-kidsAbby– That glazed over look was captured as we tried to tell Abby about the necessary global funding needed to rebuild the war torn city of Aleppo. Unsurprisingly this little moron was less interested by those forced out of their country, and more interested in what birds live in Syria. You’re stupid garbage Abby and we all know it.


Dylan– This pile of dirt can’t even read chapter books yet and already he’s spitting in the face of millions of people. We asked him for his thoughts on proper security screening for refugees entering Western Countries and all he did was stutter while trying to take off one of his velcro sandals. You’re making an ass of yourself on the world stage Dylan, god dammit.



kid-677080_1280Charlie– You want to see a real stupid piece of shit? Meet Charlie. A 6 year old with an empty head and no heart. Instead of recognizing the inherent economic problems a country faces by accepting large numbers of undocumented refugees, Charlie decided to tell us about how dinosaurs can be really big OR really small. Nobody cares about that Charlie. Grow up.





Olivia– How can you know nothing about the new cold war forming between the U.S. and Russia over no fly zone transgressions. Olivia almost seems proud of her vapid life. When asked about refugee camps in Turkey she comments, “I dunno.” You moron Olivia, do some research and be informed for once in your life.



kid-cudi-lollapalooza-2015-billboard-1548-aKid Cudi– Performing at ComplexCon 2016, the so called “Mr. Rager” failed to mention the use of refugees as economic bargaining chips in some European Nations. Why does Kid Cudi refuse to acknowledge the suffering of the Syrian people trapped in a cycle of war and displacement? Don’t be simple minded ‘Cud.





Zachary– Get out of here Zach. You can’t even say the words “necessary civilian infrastructure.”