Imprisoned Hillary Clinton Featured On Scared Straight

As part of an effort to help at-risk youths turn their lives around before it’s too late, organizers of “Scared Straight” chose to capitalize on Donald Trump’s new decision to imprison Hillary Clinton for her e-mail scandal. Both the congress and senate were on board with this decision, and they believed this was the only logical way to appease both Trump and Hillary supporters.

The juveniles, as well as a “misled” Paul Ryan, were enrolled in the program by concerned family members and fellow congressmen, hoping to show them the possible consequences for their heinous life decisions. While there, the kids and Paul Ryan were subjected to the same environment of ego-deflating and delusion-crushing wake-up calls that the runner-up presidential nominee for the Democratic party had to endure.

Hillary Clinton touted her ability to strike fear in the children and Paul Ryan subjected them to several hours of Planned Parenthood speeches, Youtube videos entitled “Ten Minutes of Sick Hillary Lying” and vague criticism for hours on end.

During the face-to-face confrontation portion of the episode, Hillary was surrounded by notorious drug pushers, murderers and pedophiles in the corners of the room cowering in fear at the sound of her shrill voice. Paul Ryan had been accustomed to behaving this way while working with Hillary in the past and swiftly followed suit.

Hillary responded to children’s questions such as “what if you had gotten your period while in office?” and “are you still mad at me for endorsing Donald Trump?” and “how does this relate to us?” by beating them over the head with cardboard cutouts created in Bill Clinton’s likeness, as she always has.