Your Cousin is a Street Artist Now, Get Used to it

BURLINGTON, Vt.—Well it’s official, your little cousin Marshall has finally gone all in on tagging, and, now, the city streets belong solely to him and his twisted mind. What began as innocent doodles and scribblings on bathroom walls have evolved into a wicked world of satirical stencils that are challenging the views of what Marshall calls “sheeple” all across suburban Vermont.

Whether you like it or not, there’s no denying the impact of Marshall’s surgical approach to disassembling the establishment. His newest piece, unveiled last night behind Shaw’s Supermarket in South Burlington, shows two innocent children playing with a kite unaware that they are being watched by an ominous predator drone. The sheer audacity of the work is remarkable and Marshall knows it. He lives for the wide eyes and dropped jaws of those lucky enough to pass by.

“The impermanence of the form is what makes each spray session important.” Marshall mused as he prepared his next photoshop creation. “I’ve always been a warped kid, so I figure why not introduce a little chaos to the masses who are blind to our Orwellian tactics overseas?”

Marshall’s chilling outlook doesn’t end at the industrial war complex either. His award winning exhibit, Two Dogs, but one Dog is a Robot, garnered cheers from animal rights activists around the country. Even Burlington Mayor, Miro Weinberger, supports the young artist. “Marshall doesn’t operate like you or me. He sees things differently. His lens is cracked. But maybe that’s just what we need right now.”

As his prominence in the street art scene grows Marshall recognizes the divide forming between him and the flock. ”It’s gonna be hard going back to 8th grade now that I’ve seen behind the curtain. I recognize that. But will they?”

Watch for your Cousin’s buzzworthy documentary, Shake the Can, releasing on YouTube sometime next month.