Transfer Student Writes Odyssey Article with Acute Awareness of South-Side Violence after Three Weeks in Rogers Park

ROGERS PARK—Crime in Chicago was record-breakingly high last year, and growing concern about safety (or lack thereof) in the streets has residents jumping into action. Some Chicagoans take to charitable volunteer work, writing letters to city officials or participating in community outreach programs in order to make a difference, while others compose minimally factual blog posts to get their voices heard.

Mindy Allerton, a transfer student at Loyola from the suburbs of Milwaukee, immediately recognized all the city’s problems after moving to an apartment in Rogers Park three weeks ago. She swiftly took to The Odyssey Online to type her frustration onto the keys of her pink Macbook in the name of public service.

An excerpt from Mindy’s article titled “The Real Chicago that No One Wants to Talk About” reads:

“As a Chicagoan, I go through every day with the looming fear that I might fall victim to the city’s growing crime. Sometimes, I can’t even risk leaving my apartment on Sheridan Road because, when I look at the people on the street from my window, I just KNOW they are out to commit crimes. They just have a certain look, you know? Beyond that, the neighborhoods on the south-side have never been worse. I’ve never dared to go past Chinatown. You really just can’t risk it these days, you know? However, my time in Chicago has made me hardened and savvy, so here’s three pieces of advice for students still working on their street smarts:

1. When you go outside, avoid eye contact with homeless people and anyone who looks different than you.
2. Avoid the CTA at all costs; it’s too dangerous. Just ask your dad for his credit card number and call an Uber.
3. If you find yourself in a worst-case-scenario walking alone after 6pm, punch 9-1-1 into your phone and hover your finger over the dial button just incase.”

Mindy and other students are fervently typing away at their trust-funded laptops every day to get the word out–often times with little or no regard to facts, spelling, or the general conventions of the English language.

If you want access to the abounding wisdom they profess, just check Facebook. If you, too, have something to say about Chicago crime or anything else you are grossly underqualified to have a productive discussion about, submit to The Odyssey Online.