Relationship MUCH Stronger after Carnival Cruise

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL– Great news emerging from Florida today after the docking of Carnival Cruise’s Discovery vessel. According to all reports, Tom and Brianna are apparently doing “so good” after their time at sea. Although their relationship had hit a rough patch in the last few weeks, Brianna seemed positively electric when describing the week long voyage.

“The cabin was a lot smaller than I had hoped for but that meant we got to spend a lot of intimate time together. Plus with the couple’s activity package we bought, there wasn’t an inch of that boat where I could go and not see his stupid fucking face.”

With daily drink tickets, dozens of pay-per-view options, and a gorgeous all-ages Water Fun Zone, it’s pretty easy to understand how these two lovebirds found the passion in each other again. So much so, in fact, that other guests reported seeing Brianna staring silently into sea for hours on end, probably just considering all the pent up love she has for her man.

The lucky guy himself, Tom, summed up the love voyage eloquently, “The tickets were saved in her email so there really wasn’t anyway for me to get out of this without losing my spot on the ship. Yeah I took the bullet, but looking back it was probably a mistake to force myself onto a slow-moving nautical prison with that ice queen.” Well put you lucky lover-boy, well put.