Scientists Still Looking to the Stars for New Discoveries, as if Chili’s 10$ Dinner Special wasn’t Good Enough for Them

ALBUQUERQUE, NM– Physicists at the University of New Mexico had their reputations sullied today after once again finding nothing in the known universe that compares to the perfection of Chili’s new ten dollar dine-in dinner special.

In a statement put out by UNM’s board of the scientific arts, the so called geniuses refuse to even recognize the spicy savings happening every weekday after 5 o’clock. What fool decides that planets and stars have more to teach us than the sizzling siren’s call of the Phantom Flame Steak Fajita? I think it’s time for somebody to head back to school.

Chili’s has dominated the media landscape since announcing its wallet friendly deal three weeks ago and it’s easy to see why. You average human being needs three square meals a day, including dinner, in order to live a healthy life. Interestingly, that same human would die instantly in the icy cold vacuum of space. It’s a no brainer, so why are these nerds so boned up for space shit?

When pushed for comment, Dean of students Nasha Torez had these wise words for her fellow researchers.

“We are still resolute in our duty to explore the galaxy, but we cannot ignore the obvious importance of beer battered shrimp and new ‘fiesta style’ spicy fries.”

It doesn’t take a PHD to see that this deal won’t last long, so if you’re interested in a savory deal that won’t break the bank, visit a participating Chili’s location today.