Local Boy gets Locked in Toy Store Overnight, Might just have the Time of His Life

AKRON, OH- Owen Richards doesn’t know it yet, but he could be in for the best night of his life. After falling into the stuffed animal display in T.J. Playoff’s Toy Store, Richards found himself stuck for 45 minutes, only wriggling free long after closing time. The empty store seemed scary at first but something tells me this little rascal might find a way to turn this night around!

Lego sets, action figures and access to a fully charged power wheels car could turn this lockdown into fun town!  A perfect night according to the little schemer himself.

“I’m gonna rip open a box of lemon heads and just go hog wild on every aisle in this freaking place. Watch out world, here comes Owen.”

It’s easy to imagine other kids cowering in the corner or using the store phone to call the police, but Richards is a new breed of do it yourself wunderkind. Not only is he determined to make tonight last, he’s gonna look cool doing it.

“I’m wearing the sunglasses and cowboy hat because I think they make me look rad. If you can dispute that, go ahead but you’re setting yourself up for failure buddy.”

All in all, I think Owens gonna be just fine. His parents could not be reached for comment, or reached at all. The search continues for their killers.