Plans for Above-Ground Pool Found on Counter at Stepdad’s House

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio — Area man Rod Kaminsky has “taken steps” toward making his aspirations of owning an above-ground pool a reality, according to Luke Carmichael, Kaminsky’s adult step-son.

Luke and his sister Maggie Carmichael were instrumental in outing Kaminsky’s operation, reportedly discovering the plans on the kitchen counter of Rod’s split-level when visiting for their mother Tracy’s birthday cookout.

“I just couldn’t be more excited. Rod assured me price is no object, what with how well his store has been doing lately,” Tracy explained. “He figures people need second-hand sports equipment now more than ever.”

Luke and Maggie reacted to the news of the pool with guarded enthusiasm. “I don’t care what Rod does at all,” Maggie admitted.

Before Luke and Maggie stumbled upon Kaminsky’s rough blueprint of the backyard, he had planned to reveal the pool as a surprise gift to Tracy, who had stopped going to aerobics classes back in November, which is when her back reportedly started to give her trouble.

“Rod said something about how mom will be able to swim laps now. But it’s like a round, 15 yard diameter pool,” Luke admitted, scratching his head with confusion. “There’s only so much you can do with an above ground pool, but for some reason they seem really sold on the idea.”

Kaminsky has had his eye on the Nantucket package, but early reports seem to indicate that his mind may be liable to change.

“I’ve been in talks with the people down at The Great Escape,” Kaminsky said while working his way through a sixer of Coors. “While I like the blue seashell trim of the Nantucket package, the Monte Carlo package comes with this light that goes from purple, to blue, to green, and then back to purple again. It’s pretty cool.”

Regardless of the features Kaminsky chooses, the new pool promises to be just the addition the backyard needed.