BREAKING NEWS: David Schwimmer is Cyberbullying that Monkey from Friends

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.— Noted L.A. Bully, David Schwimmer is at it again. After putting everyone from Trump to Pope Francis on the ice pack, Schwimmer has set his sights on former Friends costar Marcel the Monkey. Marcel, famous for his emmy winning turn on episode 110 “The One With The Monkey,” has had his run of the town as Hollywood’s golden primate, but apparently Schwimmer is fed up with his obvious success.

Schwimmer started off his tirade early Tuesday morning confirming long time rumors that Marcel sat above him on the Friend’s call sheet. This is no shock to most insiders who have known that Schwimmer was an afterthought during most shoots, and whose character was almost killed off after season one due to a total disdain from the viewing audience. Instead, showrunners chose to torture him off set by forcing him to share an NBC owned studio apartment with notorious party monkey, Marcel.

Apparently the new “roommates” lived a contentious life. Schwimmer, being the worm he is, spilled the beans on a lovable antic involving Marcel and a sandal. Sounds like another classic story about the friendly ape we all love.

We all wish it had stopped there but Schwimmer decided to use all the weapons in his dirty hands to smear Marcel’s legacy, dipping into the realms of hashtags.

Other Twitter users caught wind of the horrid behavior coming from Schwimmer and decided to try and step in to defend the good name of our monkey friend. Most notably former President Obama decided to serve a fresh L to david courtesy of social media.

Even after losing the public and getting ethered by Obama, Schwimmer still tried a final hail mary invoking a hot topic in the news last week.

Disgusting. Delete your account David. Leave Marcel alone. He doesn’t deserve this.