8-Year-Old Thrilled Dreamers Unable to Take Job Feeding Class Turtle

MILWAUKEE – Eight year old Sasha Rainier had been in charge of the class turtle, Melvin, for almost 2 months before Jose Ramirez moved into her school district. Although he expressed no interest in feeding the class turtle, Sasha could feel the pressure.

“I’ve been feeding Melvin for as long as I can remember, and no one has complained about me, but, now that he is here, my status as a true student of Brightview Elementary has been challenged. Who knows what shady things he could do with basic knowledge of how to care for a turtle.”

Sasha is just one of many around the country whose positions have been threatened. Thousands of first through fourth graders are being displaced by DACA recipients—“dreamers” who have forced American born citizens to be moved to jobs like clapping erasers, organizing markers and putting away the calculators.

“I don’t hate Jose, I just think that Obama really overstepped his legal bounds when creating DACA, and I want those consequences to be felt by Jose is all,” Sasha commented.

Jose declined to comment as he was actually a fifth grader and had no idea who Sasha was.