Arkansas 5th Grader Dies After His School’s Annual “Chubby Bunny” Contest

FAYETTEVILLE- In a disturbing twist of events, Noah Trajaz, a 5th grader at Noble Dawn Elementary School has been pronounced dead after participating in the school’s annual ‘chubby bunny’ contest earlier today.

Trajaz was reportedly on his 13th marshmallow before teachers began to notice something was wrong.

“His eyes were closed but I thought he was just really focused on not swallowing any of the marshmallows. I was shocked when he slumped over and fell out of the chair but I was not surprised. Noah was very focused like that. He loved to finish things until the end,” said Mr. Robles, Noah’s language arts teacher.

Students and faculty have banded together since the accident and reminisced on Trajaz’s short but influential time at the school.

“One time Noah did the cinnamon challenge in the school cafeteria, but he used salt instead and his nose started bleeding and he told us not to tell the teachers — It was really cool,” explained Rory Meyers, one of Trajaz’s closest friends.

Another student told of a time Trajaz brought Ajax bleach to class and showed it off during lunch time.

“Noah told me that he was going to try and attempt 12 marshmallows today. He said if he passed that number and started to pass out, we shouldn’t wake him up because he didn’t think it would be worth it to keep living after such a great achievement. He didn’t just do it for him. He did it for all of us. He knew he wasn’t going to make it out of the auditorium,” claimed a student who wished to remain anonymous.

Noble Dawn will resume classes tomorrow. Many older students have already to label Trajaz’s reported accidental death as purposeful martyrdom.