Roommates Fulfill Weekly Social Obligation to 63, Retire to Futon Until Next Week

Bar 63 is a great social environment for Loyola students to meet and sloppily make out with each other. For sophomore roommates Sarah Hymen and Jane Brandt, it is the only social environment.

Each week, the roommates decide around 10:45 pm whether or not to go to 63 and, more often than not, find themselves surrounded by sweaty underclassmen with whom they know they will never speak again. This week, I followed the pair to the beloved bar to see just what it is they do that one glorious night each week.

Moseying through the doors and past the legal adults drinking in booths to my right, I listened as Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch” played faintly in the back of the bar where the lights from the dance floor lit up the faces of hopeful college kids in pale red and blue hues. Sarah and Jane pushed their way through the crowd and told me to wait by a table as they ordered drinks. I asked them what they ordered.

“We got ‘adios mother fuckers,’” Sarah explained as Jane giggled. I asked what was in it and they shrugged while sipping their “AMFs” through black straws. I then followed them into the crowd where they danced while I stood by, rigorously taking notes of all my surroundings and refusing drinks because that would be unprofessional.

The roommates ran off to the bathroom together at least five times throughout the night and spilled their drinks on unsuspecting strangers walking by. No one seemed to mind.

The time went by quickly and the two had to tell me it was time to leave. We left the bar feeling both accomplished and unaccomplished at the same time and wondering how that could be. I told them I loved them and they were my best friends and we linked arms on the walk home.

The next morning, I woke up on their futon to finish the interview. They informed me that, on weeks when the two don’t go to 63, Jane complains that she and Sarah are losing their “mojo.” Sarah constantly reminds Jane that they had no mojo to lose in the first place and the two retire to their futon until next week.