Student Makes Second Instagram Account While Studying Abroad, Even Fewer People Care

Second semester sophomore Louisa Bradshaw created a second Instagram account to record her experiences abroad for some reason. She got the idea while sitting in the airport bored and alone before leaving for her four month stay in London.

“I just decided I’d declutter my normal account and let people choose to follow my traveling adventures,” a clearly insecure, approval-seeking, sad excuse for a human being, product-of-her-generation, leaves-an-unsettling-feeling-in-your-stomach, obviously-screaming-for-help Bradshaw told The Gull.

Initially, Bradshaw went so low as to include hashtags in her Instagram captions.

Of her 1,000 followers on her regular account, only about 150 follow Bradshaw’s study abroad account. When we pointed this out to Bradshaw, she assured us she expected it. She finally stopped putting hashtags when she realized no one cared and decided to make her account private.

“I wanted this account to be more personal. I even made it private,” Bradshaw said, most likely so she could post photos of herself getting absolutely fried out of her goddamn mind  in Amsterdam to forget what a pathetic ghost of a human she has become.