Student who “accidentally” opens FaceTime camera 4 times during class definitely not checking themselves out

Rita Torta is in love with her new Macbook Air and herself. The freshman biology major has been notorious the past two semesters for “accidentally” opening her facetime camera in class when it is obvious she has no incoming calls.

“I mean, we all accidentally click the icon if it’s next to our iMessage app,” said Jon Haverford, a freshman who sits behind Torta in Bio 101, “but she consistently opens the FaceTime camera and doesn’t even seemed surprised by her sudden reflection.”

Several other students who sit around Torta in the 300 student lecture hall echoed Haverford’s sentiments. Some claim they’ve seen her flip her hair and do a little pout before looking around and feigning embarrassment at having opened it again.  

“Yep, oh yeah. We’re seeing all of this,” said an anonymous source at the NSA. “Yeah, about 80 percent of my job is watching this chick stare at herself for six-second intervals.”

Torta declined to comment, but she did close out of a tab on her computer the moment reporters approached her.