3 dead in Pinterest DIY gone wrong

An Edgewater family was found rotting after dying in what appears to be a crafting incident. All three family members died. The parents and three sons are succeeded by their grandmother.

The family was found by a neighbor who was interested in why they had left a Hobby Lobby shipment on their porch for about a week. The family appeared to be have been rotting for several days, but their decomposition was slowed significantly because they were all covered in glue. After looking further into their recent google searches, authorities discovered that the mother (Catherine Soeph, 38) had been on a 12 day pinterest search binge. It appeared that she was forcing her family to participate in severe crafting conditions, working with an assortment of materials. There were several decorated cakes and canvases filled with quotes in watercolor calligraphy as well as the beginnings of several valentines that looked to be dedicated to their neighbors.

When questioned, Wright said, “they were a wonderful family. I did notice that the mother seemed to have a little too much time on her hands. Their christmas cards were always… handmade, which did strike me as odd.” This only furthered the authorities assumptions that these unnecessary deaths occured due to excessive use of rubber cement and Elmer’s glue.