Wow! Patriot Offers Seat to Soldier Even Though All Other Seats Are Empty

  1. LOUIS — Known patriot Jamie Abernathy was sitting alone at a local stadium when she noticed a camouflage clad Tom McEarney enter the building with his wife. Standing up so suddenly that she flung her nachos from her lap into the seats below, Abernathy saluted McEarney for a solid minute before MckEarney saw her.

McEarney finally saluted her back and turned to sit in one of the empty seats in row G2. Abernathy interjected and shouted, with crazed eyes, “take my seat, I insist!”

The truly beautiful part of this story is that the stadium was not full at all. In fact, before the McEarneys showed up, Abernathy was the only fan who had arrived 7 hours early for the game.

A humble MckEarney tried to politely decline, but Abernathy grew irate and MckEarney hurried to sit at the table.

“I just really, really appreciate the troops’ service. Like, really,” Abernathy told The Gull, shaking and rubbing her hands together.

Asked about the it later, a shocked and somewhat scared Tom MckEarney commented, “I saw that the floor below the seat was covered in peanut shells and gross nacho cheese. It wouldn’t make sense to sit at such a soiled spot. Plus, no one else was in the stadium, so I felt threatened by her. Why did she want me to take her seat so badly? But what could I do? So I sat.”

The McEarneys are avoiding going to any public athletic events for the time being just in case.