Hannibal buress mic shut off after refusing to show loyola ID to campus safety officers

Stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress performed at Loyola’s annual Colossus festival this past weekend, but his set was cut short after campus safety officers turned off the microphone when Buress was unable to present them with a Loyola ID.

“Yeah I mean everyone knows that if you’re black at this school you gotta have your ID out at all times or your ass is on the ground,” said senior Douglas Spearls, who was at the comedian’s performance, “I personally screen-printed mine onto a tote bag so I can walk through Damen on my way to class.”

Buress was allegedly in the midst of performing to students in Gentile Arena when a pair of campus safety officers who were patrolling nearby demanded to know what the comedian was doing in the gym.

“Two of our officers noticed a large gathering of students and decided to investigate,” Campus Safety wrote in an email to The Gull. “Any large crowd is cause for concern and we wanted to make sure everyone in attendance was upholding our Jesuit values.”

Officers turned the sound back on in the gym once Buress proved he belonged on school property by pulling up an email Loyola had sent him with guidelines for the event.