“I’m Going to Miss This School” Says Senior Who Skipped Half of Her Classes

As the academic year draws to a close at Loyola, graduating Senior, Sarah McCoy, can’t help but look back with nostalgia upon the education in which she rarely participated. Whether it was her 8:30 a.m. philosophy course which she slept through nearly every day or that finance course at Water Tower Campus where she could never seem to make the bus in time.

“I’ll never forget the amazing things I learned in my studies here,” said McCoy, who was obviously stalling for time to remember just one of the courses in which she was enrolled this semester. McCoy beamed as she remembered Loyola’s life changing lessons, though she could remember only a few, except how to “sneak into Bar 63” and “spot Sister Jean in a crowd.”

“I remember, I had this amazing professor, her name was…umm…shit, what was it? Whatever, all I know is that she brought in food that one day I was there,” McCoy said, with a twinkle of adoration in her eye.

When asked what her plans were for after graduation, she said, “my parents want me to take a trip to, like, India or something. I’m not really sure. I just know they don’t want me living with them. Listen, I gotta go, my boyfriend’s band is playing at some bar, and I’m never late to his shows. Excuse me.” Truly inspiring.

When we asked her Communications professor what made Sarah McCoy stand out as a determined student and a leader for our future generations, he responded with a heartwarming, “who?”