Area Man Truly Believes his Own Comment on Onion Facebook Article is Funnier Than the Article Itself

Local IT specialist and owner of two cats, Todd Honus, believes he has done something truly amazing. While perusing The Onion, he decided to gift an article satirizing the current political climate with a witty and revolutionary comment that overshadows the article itself, according to Honus.

“I don’t even know where it came from,” stated Honus, gleefully smiling at his computer. “It was so topical and funny and just edgy enough to weed out the basic viewers.”

The comment, as of now, has only garnered ten Facebook likes, but Honus believes this is due to how recently he posted it. “I mean, it’s only been a week. Do you think DaVinci or Dickens received the credit they deserved in a week? No way.”

Honus has saved the article under his bookmarks bar and refreshes it a dozen times a day, patiently waiting for his genius to be recognized.

“Honestly, I feel a little guilty,” admits Honus,”I mean, I love The Onion, but this caliber of comment has to make readers realize that they’re missing out on some real comedy.” In fact, Honus has drafted a letter to The Onion and other satirical newspapers filled with recommendations on how to take their sites to new humorous heights. “It’s the least I could do,” Honus modestly said.

While this reporter wishes he could disclose the quip that, as Honus says, “changed the game,” the commenter insists that readers follow him on social media to locate the joke. “It only does it justice if you read it straight from the source. And if I happen to become famous in the process, well, then, so be it,” said Honus, as he stooped to clean his cat’s litter box.