Male Archeologists Still Unable to Find Evidence of Elusive Clitorus Rex

CAIRO, Egypt — According to new journal reports from a dig site in Cairo, Egypt, a team of all male archeologists is still no closer to finding any trace of the Clitorus Rex: nature’s most elusive beast.

The Clitorus Rex is something of a legend among archeologists, and while many claim to have found its remnants, none have even been close to unearthing the whole creature. All hope may seem lost, but this group of uncharacteristically determined men are aiming for their names in the archeology textbooks.

Under the beating sun, team leader Zac Newman pokes around in the dirt, mumbling to himself, “There? How about there? Deeper? Am I close? Are you close?” before giving up and going to take a leak in the ravine.

“I really didn’t think it’d be this difficult for them,” said the team’s apprentice, Anna Bateman. “If they would actually let me dig I could find the Clitorus Rex in no time. I even drew up a diagram once, but Zac kept holding it upside down.”

Now, archeology enthusiasts and men alike think that it’s only a matter of time before the team officially declares Clitorus Rex a myth.